| November/December 1995

As we prepare our November issue, C. H. Wendel is leading our European Extravaganza, so we are filling in for him as well as we can. There may not be many answers this month, but the questions will appear as usual, and hopefully the many correspondents who provide answers will help us to fill in this month.

30/11/1 Q. I am a subscriber to GEM and I have just recently become interested in antique tractors. Just the other day I bought a 1929 McCormick Deering 10-20.I am planning on restoring it and I was wondering if you knew of any place where I could get some pictures of it all restored. Brian Turney, 15 Carey Rd., Succasunna, NJ 07876.

A. The best response for you would probably be from a fellow reader and experienced restorer who has taken on one of these tractors. We'll hope that someone will send you a color picture of his/her project!

30/11/2 Q. I would like to hear from anyone with information on a David Bradley two-wheeled garden tractor, model #917.575112A. This is the one powered by a 5.6 horsepower Wisconsin engine. Manuals for this particular model are not currently available from GEM advertisers. All letters will be answered. Tom Gipson, 202 Mary Sharp Drive, Decherd, TN 37324.

A. Can someone help on this one?

30/11/3 Q. Gene Johnston of Rt. J Box 221-P, Carl Junction, MO 64834 sends us three rubbings from I.D. plates and asks when these engines were built.