A Brief Word

| November/December 1993

28/11/23 All the Best May I through our line of communication, our GEM of a magazine, send a note of sincere regret of the recent disastrous floods that have descended on our Old Iron Men of the Midwest.

To my good friend Frank Light and his mates, may you get your com and beans in. Surely a better spell is coming.

We down under wish you all the best in your efforts in the future. J. G. Hayes, 46A Jeffreys Road, Fendalton, Christ-church 5, New Zealand. 

28/11/24 Ottawa Engine Q. I have just recovered an Ottawa log saw and engine in pretty tough shape. I need all the information I can get. The outfit seems complete except for carburetor and governor linkage. I need photos, etc., to see what can be made.

Also, see a photo of a recent Galloway restoration. It is real good mechanically, with new sleeve and refitted piston. Rich Howard, Hysham, MT 59038. 

28/11/25 IHC Model LA Paint My local farm store has a stock of paint for the popular tractors. I found their T-5 International Red to be very handy when painting my LA. Two cans completed the project without the mess of the spray gun.