A Brief Word

| November/December 1992

27/11/14 Q. I have what I believe is a Fairbanks-Morse Type Z, Style C, but am puzzled by the radiator on the water hopper; is it original, or a later addition? The nameplate reads F-M Z DSPL 52 800 r.p.m. The serial number is partially obliterated, but I think it reads K592276. Jeff King, PO Box 142, Rivesville, WV 26588.

A. The radiator equipment is original. We'll guess that the number might be 892276, and that would make it a 1947 model . . . this would fit it into its production range. Our Notebook lists PPG 43846 Green and DuPont 93-72001 Green as comparable colors.

27/11/15 Information Needed Q. See 15A, showing a small Oshkosh engine with a3 ? x4 inch bore and stroke. Does anyone know the color scheme? The flywheels appear to be dark maroon. Photo 15B shows a small Wards engine with the gas tank in the cast iron base. 1 would like to duplicate the kick-start bracket. Model E2L no. 22702U, Catalog No. 87-5025. Any information will be appreciated. M. Moyers, 37301 - 28th Avenue S., #31, Federal Way, WA 98003.

A. Can anyone help out on these questions? We believe the Oshkosh is dark maroon, but have no further information.

27/11/16 Unknown Engine Q. Can anyone identify the engine in the photo? Any information will be appreciated. Jerome ). Dosch, Box 340, Eagle Butte. SD 57625.

27/11/17 Monitor in England Q. I have a Monitor pump jack engine, Type VJ. What type spark plug does it use, and where can I get drawings etc. to fit a pump jack to the engine, pump rods, etc. Any information will be appreciated. Peter Baldry, 318 Dereham, New Costessey, Norwich, Norfolk NR5 OSD England.