| November/December 1989

LeRoi engine


This issue we begin with a couple of items.

First of all, many thanks to Clifford Wolf, 1031 Grandview, Owatonna, MN 55060 for sending along several engine instruction manuals. Likewise, thanks to John Boyd, 1921 LaSalle St., Martinez, CA 94553 for sending a David Bradley garden tractor manual. As time and publishing schedules permit, we here at GEM hope to reprint some of these manuals for our readers.

During the past few years, ye olde Reflector has added yet another hobby, that of letterpress printing. We've accumulated a fair amount of letterpress equipment, type, and the usual appurtenances to the old-time print shop, and hopefully we'll be able to reprint some manuals and other items using the same process. We must also confess, that if anyone thinks for a moment that old engines and tractors become an addictive hobby, then you ain't seen nothin' yet! Our mainstay at present is a Chandler & Price letterpress built in 1907, and still capable of doing fine work. This writer is always amazed at the fine craftmanship built into these old machines, to the credit of our ancestors.

Occasionally, the Reflector is taken to task for 'boosting' a business venture within the confines of this column. This is not an overt plan of ours, but occasionally we get communications from firms or individuals in which it seems ludicrous to separate the individual from the business-in other words, a generic treatment of each and every communication doesn't strike this writer as being totally objective. Then too, we occasionally receive news releases announcing certain products. To not run the news release would not be good journalism, provided it falls within the general confines of the magazine, and to print a news release of this type with a suggestion to 'contact various GEM advertisers,' would hardly do justice to the folks providing the release. Situations like this often revolve around the matter of 'whose ox is being gored,' and so we ask your forbearance. Meanwhile, we'll attempt to be as fair and as objective as possible.

As autumn approaches, we print our usual caveat: Don't forget to drain the water from your engines before Jack Frost arrives. In the case of engines and tractors with multiple drain cocks, do your checklist on each one. Did you drain the water pump? Sometimes it is advisable to run a small wire up through the pet-cock to make sure it has actually drained out, and isn't plugged with sediment, trapping water in some passages.

24/11/1 LeRoi engine Q. Can you supply information on a LeRoi two-cylinder engine as illustrated in the accompanying photo? I was told that Waukesha Motors bought out LeRoi in 1950. This engine uses an Eisemann magneto. Any information will be appreciated. J. F. Kylander, 3408 Dillon Ave., Cheyenne, WY 82001.