| November/December 1988

This issue presents some unusual logistical problems-it is being compiled just prior to the annual Midwest Old Threshers Reunion and the World Plowing Matches which follow immediately after. By the time this copy is in your hands, both events will be history, as will be the annual shows for hundreds of other groups around the country.

Living here in east central Iowa and operating our bookstore in the Amana Colonies provides this writer with an unusual opportunity this fall to meet many, many people from a great many different states and countries. For the writer, meeting people of such diverse talents and interests makes it a truly rewarding experience to operate our bookstore here at Amana. A case in point:

Earlier this summer a middle-aged couple came into the store. From their accent we assumed them to be from outside our country. The assumption was correct-this couple was from New Zealand! Since they were obviously interested in books relating to early farm equipment and engines, we struck up a conversation-a conversation that resulted in an invitation to New Zealand! A great many engines and tractors still exist in Australia and New Zealand, thus a trip to these faraway countries would undoubtedly be most interesting. Meanwhile, many other travelers stop by our Amana store, and it's always interesting and enjoyable for us.

As previously noted, this particular column is being completed in late August to avoid scheduling conflicts. Because of this, and also since our volume of mail is usually down this time of year, this month's column will be somewhat shorter than usual. We begin with:

23/11/1 Q. John Hamilton, 461 Algonquin Place, Webster Groves, Missouri 63119 writes: I need some help on an Associated ? hp From the enclosed photos, what is the make and model of the magneto? Has something been broken off the mag? Can someone help me with the wiring? It looks like the magneto was hooked to the governor. I presume the colors are red and silver. When was it made? Will appreciate hearing from anyone with information on this engine.

A. This is an Associated Colt engine built for awhile in the 1920's. The basic engine is shown on page 37 of American Gas Engines. The one you illustrate is equipped with a magneto. We have no specific data, but if memory serves, this magneto was built by Associated, perhaps with the aid of some OEM parts. We also recall the Colt being blue rather than red.