| November/December 1985

Having just returned from a week at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa the Reflector finds himself covered with paperwork in making the copy deadline for this issue.

As a representative of Stemgas Publishing at the Old Threshers Reunion, we were pleasantly surprised at all the people who stopped by, if for no other reason, than to wish us well. That alone was very gratifying to the Reflector, and your thoughts have already been conveyed to the entire GEM staff!

We continue to make progress on the paint color guide, and urge you to continue sending us color chips or color numbers that you have on hand. Quite a number of people left information with us at Old Threshers, and with any luck, we'll have a listing ready sometime this winter. Either GEM will publish this list as part of a regular issue, or possibly it will be printed as a pocket booklet.

The quality of engine restorations seems to improve each year! Although we have not attended a large number of shows this year, the 500+ engines on display at Mt. Pleasant revealed some very nice restorations of some very nice engines. Also, the color photographs coming into the GEM office indicate some long, hard hours of work in many of the restorations.

Now to the questions for this month:

20/9/1 Q. Mark Serfass, 1533 Mt. Eagle PL, Alexandria, VA 22302 is looking for information on a Merkel Motor Wheelliterature, instructions, parts, etc.