Readers' Engine Questions

| May/June 2003

38/5/1: F-M Type N Q: I'm hoping you can help us out with the knowledge you have on Fairbanks-Morse engines. I have a 1900 4 HP Fairbanks-Morse Type N, serial number 12612. We are restoring it and would like to find out what the original color would be. We have found some red on the bottom of the platform, but we don't know if that is the color of the whole engine. Peter W. Tuttle, 403 Water St., West Branch, IA 52358, (319) 643-2586.

CH. Wendel responds:A: That's not a real easy one to answer. The very early ones were a greenish black, very very dark. Then for a short time, especially on the verticals, they used red. At the very same time, many of the engines were a very dark green, but not so dark as earlier. Finally with the 'Z' engines came the familiar green. However in 1930, about the time the ZC came along, it changed again, at least for awhile. A lot of the paint was bought on contract, and there wasn't much of this color matching. Green was about three shades; light, olive and dark. Now we have a little handheld device that spits out a color number after three samples!

38/5/2: Engine Trio

I'm looking for information on three different engines. The first is a Homelite military generator, and I'd like to know when it was made, horsepower rating, etc. The second is a 1929 Fairbanks-Morse Type H 750 watt 115 volt generator. Are there any more of these out there? This is the only one I've ever seen. Finally, I'm looking for information on a marine engine that belongs to a friend of mine. I can't find a name on it, but it has a Krice Model G carburetor, a Detroit lubricator (number 12692), a Mloberdorfer (?) water pump, the number 1608 on the front of the block and the number 012S1433 on the cylinder. Dan Zumstein, 1615 Schaller St., Janesville, WI 53546.

38/5/3: Brigg

I would like some information on this engine. It is a Briggs & Stratton Type FH, serial number 38684. It has no flywheel and the crankshaft has no keyway cut in it, only a governor housing and a pulley. The engine originally had a kick-starter (which is gone). It's a HP engine and has a 2-inch bore. Any information on this engine, and the whereabouts of a kick-starter, would be welcome. Jim Fisher, 2048 Webb St., Stockton, CA 95205-3237.