A Brief Word

| May/June 2000

Gee, it doesn't seem like Spring already, but here it is, and ye olde Reflector, for one, is anxious to start some engine projects. Fortunately, most of our engines are sitting on concrete floors, making it easy to move them around. Seems like heavy iron gets heavier as we get older!

As usual, we pass along our annual admonishment to work and play safely. Having always worked around the construction business, we have seen more than a few situations where people were injured when it could likely have been avoided, and the same holds true for our hobby. If our warning keeps just one finger from being mashed, we'll consider it a major accomplishment!

Plans are moving ahead for our tour to Australia next February and March. By the time this copy is in your hands (about mid-April) we should have a tentative itinerary and some pricing. We sent out some information to past clients awhile back and have had lots of interest in the tour already. Once we get some definite information to pass on, you will see an advertisement right here in GEM. Our hope is to see some 'iron' almost every day of the tour. Of course we'll have to blend in some other activities as well, or many of the interested fellows will be going alone-need we say more?

It is our sad duty to report that our friend and editor at Krause Publications has passed away. Mr. Jon Brecka, who edited two of my books, and was working on my Standard Catalog of American Farm Tractors, was dreadfully injured in mid-December when he was broadsided by another vehicle on an icy road. Despite his severe injuries, Jon survived the accident and several hours of surgery. However, in mid-February a massive infection set in, and death followed. This creates quite a void for ye olde Reflector, since Jon and I worked very well together, particularly on the book now in process. Our sympathies to Jon's family and to his colleagues at Krause Publications.

Our first query this month is:

35/5/1 Paint Colors