A Brief Word

| May/June 1997

So we told you last month that we'd be taking a sabbatical this issue, since we'd be in Australia! However, most of this column is being finished just a couple days before the February 24 departure, and God willing, we'll have enjoyed three weeks of sun and fun in Australia, be recuperated from the long plane trip, and be back at the usual things before this copy is in your hands!

At present, our desk, various tables, the floor, and wherever else we can find, is littered, or at least roughly sorted, with pictures of farm implements. Everything from butter churns to threshing machines, and lots of things between. Along the way we encountered some interesting engines, one example being the 1903 offering from Par sons Rich & Co., Newton, Iowa. Our book, Gas Engine Trademarks, makes no mention of this company, but obviously they offered horizontal sideshaft engines from 2 to 30 horsepower, along with upright two-cycle engines from 1 to 4 horsepower. In all our years with GEM, we've never heard of any Parsons Rich & Co. engines still existing.

Another interesting item is the series of Thompson engines shown on the next page. All these illustrations are from 1912. The Thompson Tiger air-cooled 2 HP is shown, as is the Tiger hopper cooled model. Note that the 4 HP model shown here weighed in at a hefty 900 pounds. In addition, Thompson also built the Thompson Acme engine in sizes from 2 to 8 HP. This style is of somewhat heavier design than the Tiger. Thompson advertising of 1912 indicated that the engines were built in six different sizes and several different varieties of Thompson engines.

Unfortunately a portion of the Waterloo Gasoline Engine advertisement of 1896 was cut off when taking the photograph . . . sometimes when trying to get a photo out of a bound volume of magazines, it's simply impossible to get all of the illustration. Anyway, this ad shows a 1 HP Waterloo pumping engine, and here's another one that we've never heard of until this photo.

Our Horizontal Four = Cycle Engines are from two to thirty horse-power. For heavy work, this is the engine you will need. It gives satisfaction in every sense of the word.

Our Upright Two = Cycle Engines are from one to four horse-power and arc very desirable engines for light work.