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| May/June 1995

Recently we were in an antiquarian bookshop, as we are wont to do. This particular one had a sizable cage in the back of the basement, and through the wire we could see something that looked like old literature. A request to see this material got the door unlocked, and we plunged forward. While most of the material was automotive (and outside of our collecting interests) we found some large packets of magazine clippings.

Photo 30/5/A is from McClure's Magazine of November 1902, and illustrates the Globe engine from Globe Iron Works. Photo 30/5/B is from the Literary Digest of May 1916, and illustrates the Ideal Jr. Power Lawn Mower. Although most of us are familiar with the Ideal mowers with the horizontal engine (see page 238 of American Gas Engines), we've not seen the vertical engine shown in this 1916 advertisement.

A Matthews Automatic Light Plant is illustrated in 30/5/C. This interesting and very compact unit was fully automatic, and capable of starting and stopping on its own accord, as compared to making a trip to the basement or the wash house for this purpose. This advertisement is from the May 1916 issue of Literary Digest.

One of the most interesting ads we found was for the Crosley Farm-O-Road shown in 30/5/D. The unit shown here was equipped with a front-mounted mower, and numerous other implements were also available. This one was illustrated in Town & Country for April 1951. At the present time we're compiling a book, American Gas Engine Trademarks. It will present several hundred different trademarks in their entirety, and will be published by Stemgas Publishing Company. We discovered a great many trademarks that we hadn't heard of before. All in all, we think this will be a significant title for gas engine collectors. More information will come later.

The upcoming tour to Germany and other countries, set for September 9-23, is seeing considerable activity, with a substantial number of reservations already. If you haven't yet talked to GEM about a tour packet, call them at (717) 392-0733 or send a fax to (717) 392-1341. They'll be happy to send you all the information, including a detailed itinerary. We think it will be a trip to remember, especially since Wade Farm Tours is in charge. Rob Rushen-Smith and Jackie Coggan will be our couriers; both are very knowledgeable, and Jackie in particular has traveled widely in Europe. Alex Skinner will be accompanying the group as our resident expert. Those who have met him already know this, and those who haven't will find him to be quite as affable and helpful as we're telling you. So join me and my wife Sheila, and spend a couple of interesting and enjoyable weeks with us as we traverse parts of Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, and England.

Our first question is:


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