A Brief Word

| May/June 1992

27/5/35 MM Avery Model V Q. I have an Avery Model V built by Minneapolis-Moline. It has serial number 6V649, but this does not correspond with any of the serial number lists I have. Can anyone provide the year built for this tractor? George Millen, Rt 1, Box 48, Tillatoba, MS 38961.

A. Our listings show that for 1952 the beginning serial number for the Avery V was 6V422. That would make your tractor a 1952 model, and this was the last year the Model V shows up in the serial number guide at hand.

27/5/36 Haas Genealogy Q. I am presently engaged in researching the Haas family of Mahantango Valley, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. This family was in the foundry business, and also built steam and gas engines, plus a few experimental automobiles. If anyone has any information on the above, please contact: David P. Rhine, 1124 Park Dr., Palmyra, PA 17078.

27/5/37 Ride-A-Mower Q. See the two photos of a Ride-A-Mower built in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The engine is a foot-start Clinton. I would appreciate any information on this machine. Roger R. Frens, 3467 W. 72nd St., Newaygo, Ml 49337.

27/5/38 Sattley Engine Q. See the photo of a Sattley 5 HP engine, s/n 10207. Can anyone tell me when it was built? Donald Layton, Box 16, River-lane, Riverton, WY 82501.

A. There is no serial number information available on the Sattley engines.