A Brief Word

| May/June 1992

27/5/26 Hobson-Clinton Corn Sheller Q. See the two photos of a Hobson-Clinton Corn Sheller built in New York. Can anyone provide any help in dating it, or can anyone tell me more about the company? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Jonathan Taylor, 24 LeSouef Rd., Gembrook, Victoria 3783 Australia.

A. We've looked through our various product guides and can find no reference to this company whatsoever! Can anyone be of help to Mr. Taylor?

27/5/27 Ford Free Piston Engine Q. When the Ford Motor Co. had open house at Romeo, Michigan, I saw a tractor on display with a 'free piston engine.' It was not running at the time. Is this tractor in a museum or someone's collection now? George Tincknell, 66291 Mound Rd., Romeo, Ml 48065.

27/5/28 Before & After Q. See the two photos of a before-and-after restoration job. It is an Associated Six Mule Team Engine, 6 HP, s/n 609368. Can anyone tell me the age of this engine? Howard Fay, 19073 Route 52N, Richardsville, IA 52039-9613.

A. There are no serial number records for Associated engines. Unless there is a definite lineage through a series of owners, the only way to set the age is approximating from information such as is found in American Gas Engines.

27/5/29 Bessemer Compressor Q. See the photo of an air compressor made by Bessemer Mfg. Company. It is almost like a Model T Ford engine cut in half. The power piston and the connecting rods are Ford. The crank and cam are also from the Model T. One very odd thing is it has a high tension magneto, but also has an old Model T Ford timer with a roller contact. This engine does not have a carburetor or intake manifold, so I don't know what kind of carburetor it should have. There is no governor. Can anyone provide me any information on this unit? Joseph C. Hurd, Star Rt., Box 132B, Maricopa, CA 93252.