| May/June 1991

26/5/16 Cushman Type A Engine See the two photos of a Cushman Type A engine of ? horsepower. I have seen little reference to these engines in GEM. Apparently these engines were used on the Cushman Bob-A-Lawn mowers, and were also used on washing machines and other applications. Years ago, Cushman wrote me that the lawn mower was built about 1927. Lowell Blick, RR 1, Morgan, MM 56266.

26/5/17 Case Model L Tractor Q. I have a 1928 Model L Case tractor for which I need information. The engine oil leaks badly into the clutch housing. Would crankshaft seals from the Case LA tractor fit? Also, are the cylinder head and oilpan gaskets the same for the L and LA tractors? Albert Leden, Box 117, Frontier, Saskatchewan S0N 0W0 Canada.

A. We don't have enough parts books to make the cross reference. You might wish to contact: Old Abe's News, 4004 Coal Valley Road, Vinton, OH 45686-9741. 

26/5/18 Wheel Horse and Ideal Thanks to Glen Stanford, 202 E. Madison, Fairfield, IA 52556 for sending along a couple of photos. No. 18A is a clipping of an Ideal Power Lawn Mower advertisement. Photo 18B illustrates a Wheel Horse garden tractor that Glen restored this past winter. He would appreciate hearing from anyone with more information on the Wheel Horse line.

26/5/19 Farmall and John Deere Q. Can anyone help identify the year and model of this Farmall tractor? The engine number is OC88015, and the frame number is 86960. Also, where are the serial numbers located on the John Deere Model B and Model G tractors? Ed Hollier, Route 2, Box 508, Pearcy, AR71964.

A. Without the frame number prefix we can't tell you much; the engine number prefix isn't a lot of help. Our information has it that the serial number location on the A and G John Deere is on the right hand side of the tractor on the main case, and in the magneto or distributor and pulley area.