| May/June 1990

Massey-Harris Tractor


Fred W. Wolfe

25/5/14 Massey-Harris Tractors Thanks to Fred W. Wolfe, 3791 Tollakson Rd., South Wayne, WI 53587. He sends along five photos of his Massey-Harris collection. The 101 Jr. is a 1943 model; the 30 is from 1950; the 33 was made in 1954; and the 333 is a 1956 model. Also shown is a Model 15 Massey-Harris manure spreader.

25/5/15 Amigo Lawn Tractor William W. Cooley, 511 East St., Colon, MI 49040 sends along two photos of an Amigo lawn tractor he is now restoring. It is s/n 100 and was built by Demco in Dowagiac, Michigan. This tractor is unique in that it has a live up to shaft on the rear, and also a live up to pulley on the bottom of the transmission; it runs the mower deck. The mower has two blades that are timed with chain drive. Any additional information on this tractor would be greatly appreciated.

25/5/16 Novo Pumping Outfit Q. See the photo of a Novo Pumping Outfit. The nameplate gives the pump capacity of 175 gpm, but the areas for the engine data have been left blank, or have been struck out. With the 2-inch water lines, what might the horsepower be? Also what might be the age of this engine? Any assistance will be appreciated. Les Morgan, 3045 Crestview Drive South, Salem, OR 97302.

A. Ye olde Reflector once owned one of these outfits. Although it ran all right, we never got around to setting up a bilge tank, hoses, etc. to use it for a demonstration at shows. Finally, we traded it somewhere or other on something else. We would guess it to be about 3 or 4 horsepower, and suppose that Novo built these during the 1930s.

25/5/17 Foos Jr. Engine Q. I own a Foos Jr. engine as illustrated on page 179 of American Gas Engines, except that the lubricator is under the fuel tank, not behind, and there is not a handle in the flywheel, and no splashguard. The bore and stroke is 5 3/4 x 7 inches, the flywheels are 35 x 21/4 inches, and the engine number is 30075. The color is mid-green over gray; the gray may be an undercoat . Can anyone tell me the year built, the proper rpm, and is the green color correct? A lot of engines were copied here in Australia, both under license and pirated, although I don't think this happened with Foos, as they apparently had agents here. Dennis E. Spark, PO Box 19, Goomalling, 6460, West Australia.

A. We would think the green finish is probably original. We have no data giving the year built, or the other information needed. If anyone can supply same, please contact Mr. Spark.