| May/June 1989

24/5/29 Unidentified engine Q. What is the make of the engine in the photo? If this can be established, then what is its color, decal, etc. Gary Kuhn, RR 3, Liberty, IL 62349.

A. Yours looks like a Cushman X of the 1920's. It may have been a gray finish comparable to DuPont 652D Massey-Ferguson Gray, or it may have been dark green, comparable to DuPont 93-62713-H. The Model X appears to have used the same circular decal that was featured on their vertical engines, and these are avail able from GEM advertisers.

24/5/30 F & J Pump Engine Q. I'm restoring a Fuller & Johnson pumping engine, and would like to know where to find an old pitcher pump to attach to it. I also need the dimensions etc. for the fuel tank. Emmet Rearick, RD 1, Box 155, Ford City, PA 16226.

A. Old pumps are often for sale by antique dealers, and frequently show up at flea markets. We would suggest looking in this direction. Hopefully, some of our readers might be able to supply the dimensional information on the gas tank.

24/5/31 Challenge engine Q. I'm new to the hobby, and am working on a Challenge 4 HP model, s/n 1449. This engine was made at Batavia, Illinois. Would like to know when it was built, proper colors, decals, etc. John Armour, 1116 Highland, Rockdale, TX 76567.

A. We don't have it written down, but there is a fellow collector in Illinois who has specialized in Challenge engines and we believe he may even have decals for them. Hopefully he will see this query and get in touch with you.