| May/June 1989

24/5/10 Ellis engine Q. Am sending along a photo of a 3 HP Ellis engine, s/n 1806. Would like to know more about this engine, including the color, type of cooling system, etc. Any information will be appreciated. Henry Groner, RR 1, Box 88, Berger, MO 63014.

A. The Ellis is illustrated in American Gas Engines, along with brief information on this style. We do not how ever, have any detailed information on Ellis. The cooling tank arrangement is however, illustrated in the above book.

24/5/11 Thompson-Breese Tractors Q. I live near Wapakoneta, Ohio and am extremely interested in learning more about the Thompson-Breese tractors built there. It is illustrated on page 258 of Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors. Any information on this company or its tractors will be greatly appreciated. Paul Fischer, RR 3, Box 173, Wapakoneta, OH 45895.

A. Except for some 1911 blurbs about Thompson-Breese, our research has never come across any further information on this company. Our guess is that they might have built a few tractors that were sold locally, and then again, they may never have gotten past the prototype model shown in the above book.

24/5/12 Painting engines Q. I have two engines to paint-a 1? HP Hercules and an 8 HP Economy. Please give the proper color match for these. What is the best method of cleaning off the rust-grinding, sanding, sandblasting? I have some XO-Rust paint, X014 Tractor Red and X06 Bright Red. Would either of these be too bright for the Economy? Tom Grube, Rotue 2, Box 44, Gallipolis, OH 45631.

A. As we have stated numerous times, paint colors usually were not blended 'to shade' during the production runs. Oftentimes the color varied considerably from one time to the next, depending on where they got the paint. We're of the opinion that DuPont 43060 Dempster Dumpster Green or 29761 Rex Chainbelt Green are mighty close for the Hercules, and we think that G8166 White Farm Equipment Red is fairly close on Economy.