| May/June 1987

  • Unidentify Engine
    Jim Albaitis
  • Atkinson engine
    Model Corner 1
    Joe Faust
  • Moody Big 6 engine
    Jim Parkhurst
  • Monarch marine engine
    Donald Ludwig
  • Corliss engine
    Model Corner 2
    Gilbert Drew

  • Unidentify Engine
  • Atkinson engine
  • Moody Big 6 engine
  • Monarch marine engine
  • Corliss engine

22/5/20Q. Would like to hear from anyone with information on John Deere #623 and #583 trip plows. Jeff Culp, 69852 County Road 7, Nappanee, IN 46550.

22/5/21Q. T. E. Luckenbaugh, 215 Kelly Road, Abbottstown, PA 17301 would like to hear from anyone with information on the Simplicity engines built at Port Washington, Wisconsin. Information is also needed on Mercury chain saws.

22/5/22Q. Some advertisers use terms like 'NOS' regarding certain parts. What does this mean? H. Rossow, Box 15, Weston, ID 83286.

A. 'NOS' means 'new old stock' in referring to parts actually unused, even though they may be quite old, and frequently obsolete. Recently we have seen 'NORS' which we take to mean that the parts are 'new or restored stock,' although 'restored' is a generic term that means different things to different people. If you want to see the difference, go to any show and look at the 'restored' engines- there's a big difference in what 'restored' means! NOS parts are usually-thought of as being in new or near new condition, but this is not always the case either. Sometimes NOS parts might be covered with considerable rust, dirt, and organic material thoughtfully left there by visiting birds or rodents. Caveat emptor, Let the buyer beware.

22/5/23Q. I have an 8 HP Witte throttling governor engine, s/n 91412. None of my information mentions the 8 HP model, nor do any of the parts suppliers list parts for the 8 HP model. I need valves and rings for this engine and would like to hear from other 8 HP Witte owners. Elliott Smith, 1401 Main St., Conway, SC 29526.

A. Piston rings should be no problem, regardless of the make. There are some GEM advertisers who handle a wide variety of rings, and even one who makes rings to order. Valves are a bit more difficult, and if they are beyond refinishing the only alternative is to turn new ones from the solid, or to cut down some old tractor valves. This is difficult because modern valve steels are a challenge to any lathe bit. On the bright side of things, the hunt is 90% of the fun in restoring old engines.


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