| May/June 1987

Each month we attempt to answer many of your questions, or at least suggest where some information might be located on a specific problem. This month the Reflector raises a question for all of you-we ran onto an engine which we never heard of before, and we don't recollect anyone every making mention of it at any time either. The adjacent photograph A-1 illustrates a Parsons-Rich engine as advertised by Parsons, Rich &. Co., Newton, Iowa in a 1903 issue of Thresher World magazine. According to the advertisement these engines were built in sizes from 2 to 30 horsepower. It is logical to assume these engines came from this company and were not jobbed by somebody else, since their advertisement notes, 'We Make Gasoline Engines.'  

We also submit photograph A-2 illustrating an 1896 model of Waterloo Gasoline Traction Engine Company, Waterloo, Iowa. Note that this printer's cut shows No. 150 as the serial number, as compared to the Reflector's similar engine, No. 83 illustrated on page 28 of this issue. Also note that this engine No. 150 shows a considerably modified cylinder head design over the earlier style-this particular engine apparently used an intake valve cage which permitted drawing of the air-fuel mixture right past the intake valve stem. The Reflector has looked in vain for catalog data on these engines but so far nothing has surfaced. Perhaps one day something will show up.

In early March the Reflector was privileged to join a group of collectors in a trip to Standard Magneto Company in Chicago. Standard is a regular advertiser in GEM. This firm started out in 1940 as Tractor Magneto Sales Co. Standard has a huge facility with old and new magnetos numbering into the thousands! Magneto parts abound, especially since Standard bought out the Wico magneto line in 1985, including much of their manufacturing machinery. All of the folks at Standard Magneto were very accommodating, and gave us a complete tour covering the several buildings which house this operation.

By the time this issue is in the mail, many of you will be thinking about coming shows and swap meets. Thus we feel compelled to issue our annual caveat about safety in handling engines, tractors, and parts. Be careful of yourself-don't handle this equipment in an unsafe manner- injuries to yourself or to others can be painful, permanent, and can even be fatal! Likewise, be cautious in handling fuel, and horror of horrors, don't let your engines run unattended! Dropping a governor pin or some other simple little part can turn your engine into a whirling dervish that can self-destruct, sending all sorts of shrapnel, hand grenade style into a crowd of innocent bystanders. This month's mail begins with:

22/5/1 Don Robertson, Box 125, Jerome, AZ 86331 sends a couple of pictures showing part of a moving project for a 225 HP Chicago Pneumatic engine to the Gold King Mine, Jerome, Arizona. The Arizona Flywheeler's Club is moving this monster 110 miles across the mountains and they plan to have it running for their 1987 show on May 2 and 3, 1987.  

22/5/2Q. What year is an IHC engine, s/n LBA 136440? Which instruction manual do I need, for the LA or LB engines? Robert Volkert, RR 1, Box 13, Hicksville, OH 43526.


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