| May/June 1986

By the time this issue is in your hands, Spring should be well upon us. As we compile the column in early March, Old Man Winter is still attempting to make a comeback with cold weather, a little snow, and assorted other things. Since Spring is on its way, the Reflector has caught a bad case of 'enginitis', a malady that is very contagious, and a disease of which we are all very susceptible. We know that 'enginitis' is going around, since there have been many, many letters to the Reflector this past month.

Now it's time out for an explanation of how your letters and photos make it into print. Occasionally we receive a letter requesting a personal reply to shorten the waiting time. Although we try to achieve this goal, we receive groups of letters from the Stemgas office every couple of weeks. Because of the large number of letters, we usually hold these until the copy deadline approaches, and then process them all at once. A major reason for this is that any duplication of questions is minimized, thus saving space for other inquiries.

Along this same line, we have been receiving more and more photographs. This helps us immensely, especially where an identification problem is involved. During the past few months, some excellent color photos have been received. Due to the extra time involved in making the color separations and other necessities with color printing, extra lead time is required. Therefore, some of these letters and/or photos may not appear in the second issue following your letter. The Reflector wasn't aware of the extra time involved with color work, so an apology is in order for last month's purported showing of an R & V engine in color. This particular one exhibited the proper striping and color scheme as well as anything we have seen, but unfortunately we didn't get it into GEM in time, and likewise the GEM people didn't catch the oversight until after the proofs were completed. Bear with us, and we will try to publish as much color as possible, especially where new restorations are illustrated.

Although the Reflector definitely plans to represent Stemgas Publishing at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion this Fall, we are not yet sure of other shows we might attend. We look forward to seeing many of you this year. The shows are a great time to make new friends and renew old acquaintances.

21/5/1 Q. Cisco S. Dockery, 4012 Newport Hwy, Sevierville, FL 37862 inquires regarding the following engine: Ottawa, two-flywheel engine, s/n ES31344. Engine has 183/4 flywheels, uses as Webster Tri-Polar magneto. Would like to know horsepower and proper color of engine.

A. The Reflector has some Ottawa literature, and all of it indicates this engine to be finished in a bright red, probably comparable to Sherwin-Williams JK-3719. Bore & stroke dimension are needed for some idea of the horsepower, and our Ottawa literature does not have this information. However, Robert's Gas Engine Handbookof 1917 gives a formula for determining horsepower of four-cycle gasoline engines:


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