| May/June 1985

With this issue we again present a large number of questions, along with a number of answers to questions from previous columns. The diverse nature of internal combustion engine and tractor development leaves many questions to be answered, so we doubt that there will be a shortage of necessary research any time soon.

Several letters have come in over the past couple of months requesting accurate paint color numbers for various engines, with the idea being to compile this data into booklet form. In Amercan Gas Engines Since 1872 we included comparable colors for certain engines, but did so only when we were reasonably sure of their accuracy. Please note that we stated that these color numbers were 'comparable to the original.' Using this basic parameter, we would entertain your specific data regarding the proper color for various engines. While we believe the concept is great we have no desire to be placed in a position of arbitrating the exact color match where opinions differ. Using this ground rule, we welcome hearing from anyone wishing to offer the proper paint and striping scheme for various engines and tractors. With sufficient response, perhaps the entire series could be assembled into booklet form, so send us your color schemes right away, and we'll see what happens.

20/3/1 Q. Harry Kottas, 403 S. Randall St., Steeleville, IL 62288 is contributing to a book on Nebraska inventors. His research leads to Emil Podlesak, a University of 'Nebraska graduate who was later involved with the well-known oscillating magneto design produced by Webster Electric Company. If you can provide any data to Mr. Kottas, please contact him.

A. Our research indicates that the Webster Oscillating magneto was built under the following patents: 638,933; 946,816; 947,647; 948,483; 1,003,649; 1,022,642; 1,051,373; 1,053,107; Reissue No. 13,878; 1,056,360; 1,096,048; 1,098,052; 1,098,754; 1,101,956; 1,169,612; 1,180,489; 1,180,426. Possibly others were issued subsequently. Henry J. Podlesak lived in Chicago, Illinois and was employed by International Harvester Company. Tesla E. Podlesak is listed at Morris-town, New Jersey. Together, Henry and Tesla held several of the above patents. However, Patent No. 638,933 was issued to Benjamin Mdnnerney of Omaha, Nebraska in 1899 and assigned to Mdnnerney Mfg. Co. of Omaha. We would suggest that this specific company might have been an early predecessor of Webster.

20/3/2 Q. What is the proper color of a Worthington gas engine? We have a 4 HP, S/N 20883 Type W, and a 6 HP, S/N 23600 Type W. When were these built? Edward Strobel, Box 94 Hollylane, Waldorf, MD 20601.

A. Once again the question of color comes up. Except for a dark green color, we have no color match at hand for this one.


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