Readers' Engine Questions

| March/April 2003

Unidentified Engine

38/3/4A:Unidentified engine.

A Brief Word

38/3/4: Unidentified Engine Q: I hope someone can help me identify this engine so that I can find parts. The engine base measures 10-5/8 inches by 7-5/8 inches and it's 15-3/4 inches tall from the base to the top of the head (17-1/4 inches from the base to top of rocker arm). It's 15 inches wide, the flywheel is 9-3/4 inches in diameter with l-l/2-inch wide belt groove. It has a bore 2.125 inches and a stroke of 2.2 inches. The threads on bolts and studs are SAE, but the bolt heads and nuts are metric.

The only markings I can find are stamped on the block or frame are 'J2666.' The only parts that I am missing are the carburetor and gas tank and the ignition. I would appreciate any information on this interesting little engine. Marty Lukonen, 5724 4th Ave. S.W., Watertown, SD 57201, (605) 886-4242.

A: We don't recognize the engine, but perhaps one of our readers might. It's possible the bolt heads are British Whitworth, not metric, which could suggest the origin of the engine. Some Whitworth threads are comparable to SAE, while the heads will accept metric-sized wrenches because of their odd (to U.S. standards) size.

38/3/5: Ideal Model V

I'm sending along a photo of an Ideal engine Model V made in Lansing, Mich. The bore and stroke is 2-3/4 inches by 3 inches, and the magneto is inside the aluminum flywheel.

I'm looking for information as to age, color, how the governor works, how the carburetor mounts to the engine, what the air cleaner and fan look like, etc. If anyone has a manual or parts layout on the Model V Ideal I would be happy to pay for the cost of copying it. Bill Kilpatrick, 3758 State St. Road, Bay City, MI 48706.