Readers' Engine Questions

| March/April 2002

A Brief Word

As we write this column in early January, some areas of the U.S. are having heavy snows, while here in Iowa there has been virtually none. On a December day when the temperature was down to about 50 degrees in the shop, we had a visitor to look at the engines. We didn't really think it would start, but on a whim we decided to crank the 6 HP Lister. Lo, and behold, it started right off! We think that is quite a credit to those engineers of long ago, given the fact the Lister has likely reached the age of 60.

Thus far we have had a good response to our Germany 2002 tour. We'll have to start closing things up for the tour by early April, so for those who have procrastinated, please send along your deposits. As we have noted before, the tour will be limited to 40 people.

We're busy at several projects. First of all, we noted in the last issue that our book, American Gas Engines is being taken out of print by Motorbooks. Hopefully, we will be able to keep this book alive with a different publisher. Since there are a lot of engines that never made it into the original book, we have looked at different ways to bring this additional material into print. We've got some ideas about this, including a revival of our old Power in the Past series that would include much of this material.

We're also getting things organized for our magneto and carburetor book. Actually, it will be an ignition and carburetor book, since we plan to include sections on hot tube systems, the Hvid oil engine design, and other styles. Then, we have a lot of material on Witte engines, and will be compiling a nice book just on Witte.

We've had a real interest in diesel engines for many years. See the query below from our friend Larry Hughes. Here is an engine we have never seen or heard of, and one that is probably quite rare. Perhaps Larry's query and pictures will provide some answers.

37/3/1:Unidentified Diesel Engine