| March/April 1993

28/3/47 Never Too Late! Q. I am 77 years old. Like you see on the photos, the carburetor is missing. Two months ago I found a marine engine, good compression, no rust, and made in Montreal. WAJAX is the engine name. It is two-cylinder, and weighs 32 pounds. Can anyone tell me anything about this engine, and what kind of carburetor I need? Edouard Racicot, 375 Bel Horizon, Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada.

28/3/48 Ingersoll-Rand Q. See the photo of an Ingersoll-Rand radial compressor. It is a Model 3R30, s/n 409, 2? x 2? inch bore and stroke. Three cylinders are for power and three for air compression. There is no air tank on these, and you hook up directly to the jack hammer. What is the cubic inch and the horsepower of this compressor, also its age? Any information will be appreciated. Donald R. Brantmeier, RR 5, Box 77A, Eldon, MO 65026.

28/3/49 Montgomery-Ward Tractor Q. I have a Montgomery-Ward tractor. The engine is a Montgomery-Ward, Model 14LC50261, s/n A43229, Cat. No. 87-50261. 1 HP, 2400 rpm, 'Lausen' cast in engine block. Tag on gear box is SS3208R. It has the original Wards Riverside Power Grip tires. Any information, especially its age, will be greatly appreciated. Raymond L. Gray, 740 Honeymoon Hill, Gatlinburg, TN 37738.

28/3/50 Lykke's Grand Island Foundry Q. I am seeking any information or any whereabouts of any gas engine which my grandfather built at the turn of the century. My grandfather was Albert Lykke, proprietor of Lykke's Grand Island Foundry, Grand Island, Nebraska. He was a machinist who built 2 to 8 horsepower engines. Style A was 2 and 4 HP; Style B represented 6 and 8 HP. The only information I have is a business card of my grandfather's which also shows a picture of the Style B, 6 & 8 HP engine. Grandfather also built an automobile in 1901 at Grand Island.

Any information will be appreciated. Donald R. Lykke, PO Box 237, Mayer, AZ 86333.

28/3/51 Information Needed Q. My name is Marty Coffey. I am 8 years old. I go to motor shows with my grandpa, Tom Coffey, and my dad, Tommy Coffey. I have a Briggs WMB kick start. See the photos of garden tractors: 51A is a George made in Sullivan, Illinois. Can anyone date this machine, or does anyone have a manual? 51B is a Simplicity with a Briggs Model U. Photo 51C is a Handyman, Type #60754, serial #D2708. We would like to hear from anyone about these or other tractors, mowers, or engines. Marty Coffey, 200 Power Cir., Box C 64-2, Hudson, NC 28638.