| March/April 1993

1 HP Domestic sideshaft


Chris-toper G. Beebe

28/3/15 Leader Iron Works Q. See the photos of a 1? HP Domestic sideshaft, No. 5901. The name plate calls it a header-Domestic, made for Leader Iron Works, Decatur, Illinois by Domestic Engine & Pump Co., Shippensburg, Pa. Can anyone tell me when this engine was built. I need instructions and any information to help get this engine running. Chris-toper G. Beebe, 1720 Meadows Rd., Madison, OH 44057.

A. Domestic made the engine for Leader, but the two companies were never merged. . . Domestic in fact, was making engines long after Leader had forgotten all about them. Perhaps someone can provide further information on the engine.

28/3/16 RPM Mfg. Company Q. See the photo of a six-wheel mower by RPM Mfg. Company, Kansas City, Missouri. It is equipped with a McCulloch engine. (Does RPM stand for Robert P. McCulloch?) I would like to correspond with anyone having one of these mowers or having further information. Brad E. Smith, 7574 So. 74 Street, Franklin, WI 53132.

28/3/17 Atomic Babe Q. I have an Atomic Babe Tractor made by the Doylestown Machine Company. It has no engine. Any information regarding this tractor will be greatly appreciated. Harley Collins, 2540 Fox Road, Bath, PA 18014.

A. We've never heard of this one, nor can we find it listed anywhere. Can anyone be of help?

28/3/18 Waterous Fire Engine Q. See the photos of a 1900 Waterous single cylinder inverted fire engine. It is missing a lot of parts, including the pump and the wheels. Are there any of these left? The engine has an 8-inch bore, and uses 33-inch flywheel. Any help whatever will be greatly appreciated. Buzz Stetler, 2436 Cherokee, Stockton, CA 95205.