A Brief Word

| March/April 1991

26/3/14 Engine BatteryBill Wallner, 2039 Laurel Rd., Cave Junction, OR 97523 sends along some interesting information:

'Several years ago I was at an engine show with my display. I noticed a guy's engine with an ignitor and coil, but didn't see a battery. Then I discovered he was using a battery from an old Polaroid film pack. He told me that sometimes they last two days, and other times a half hour. Usually though, they last a whole day. See the sketch of how it is set up.'

26/3/15 Stover Engine Q. See the photo of a Stover engine. It has no identification or model number. I have to rebuild the governor and need to know for sure what model it is. This engine has a 3? x 5 inch bore and stroke; the flywheels are 17? inches. Any information will be appreciated.LeRoy W. Martin, 2135 Bainbridge Rd., Elizabethtown, PA 17022.

A. Your engine is a 2 horsepower Type KA engine.

26/3/16 Ruston-Hornsby Q. See the photo of a Ruston Class 4M diesel engine with gasoline start. It is s/n 156503, 8 x l5? inch bore and stroke, and 54 inch flywheels. Can anyone advise the proper colors, year built, and other information on this engine. There is also a valve in the carburetor that is missing. I believe it is only used when starting and in the closed position when running on diesel. Does anyone have a picture of this carburetor so I can make the needed parts? Any information will be appreciated. Arvin Teige, RR 2, Shevlin, MN 56676.

A. Information on the Ruston-Hornsby engines is available from: Mr. Ray E. Hooley, 16 Alexandre Avenue, Nth Hykeham, Linoln England LN6 8NR.