| March/April 1990

Corn sheller


Donald McVittie

25/3/24 Corn Sheller Q. Could anyone identify the corn sheller parts shown in the photo? If so, then I would like to correspond with someone having one of these shelters, so as to get the dimensions of the wooden parts, and then proceed to rebuild it. Any information will be appreciated. Donald McVittie, Box 508, Alliston, Ontario L0M 1A0 Canada.

25/3/25 Information Needed Q. What is the year built for an IHC LB, s/n LBB34956? Also, for a Stover, s/n TA 229172? I am also looking for information on Stover. Any help will be appreciated. Bert Levesque, 1722- 10th Ave., New Westminster, BC V3M 3J4 Canada.

A. The IHC was built in 1944, and the Stover in 1935. Detailed historical and service information on Stover is contained in Power in the Past, Vol. 3, available from this magazine.

25/3/26 Printing Press Q. Enclosed is a photo of an old Chandler & Price printing press. I am really hung up on this outfit. Could you please tell me when it was built? Any information will be appreciated. A. L. Buchanan, Rt 1, Box 219B, Term. Colony, TX 75861.

A. We can't see the flywheel-if has curved spokes, it is the old style, and with straight spokes, it is the New Series. Other appearances lead us to believe this is an old style press, and so it was probably built in the 1910 era, perhaps earlier.

25/3/27 LeRoi and Allis-Chalmers Q. What is the relationship between the LeRoi power units and the 'W' engines used in the WC and later model Allis-Chalmers tractors. Did A-C buy the rights to use this engine with their own modifications, or was it vice-versa on the part of LeRoi? I have seen WC tractors with LeRoi power units installed. Many parts, I am told, will interchange. LeRoi had two power plants with identical outside dimensions, the D 176 and the D 201 (which is the same CID as the 'W' engine). The installations I saw were the D 176 engines. They were rated at a higher horsepower than the 'W' engines, but also ran at a higher speed (1800 rpm). Any information will be appreciated. Bob A. Bilden, RR 3, Box 390, Bagley, MN 56621.