A Brief Word

| March/April 1989

We're not sure what has happened to our model makers during the past month-we haven't heard from anyone!

Curiously, our English cousins are much better known for model building than we are here in America. Numerous model making publications were available already in the early part of the century, and in fact, model making has flourished in England for many, many years.

We ran across a couple years' worth of an English publication simply entitled, Work. This little weekly paper is chock full of model making projects of all kinds- literally; everything from making your own violin to a triple expansion boat engine!

It would appear that Americans are beginning to acquire an inclination toward model building, especially since vintage engines are becoming ever more scarce. Model engines have some other tremendous advantages- it requires little space to store them, they can be hauled about in even the smallest car, and even today's trend toward apartment living does not entirely rule out this interesting hobby. Perhaps the greatest advantage of model making is the sense of pride and accomplishment derived from the successful completion of a model engine!

We certainly urge anyone who is thinking about model work to look at some of the models illustrated in back issues of GEM, as well as seeing operating models at the various shows. A substantial number of our readers have also developed the castings, kits, drawings, etc. needed for the task, and you'll find them very helpful with your chosen project.

Our first question this month is: