| March/April 1986

Now KU3X4 engine


Luke Anderson

During the past few weeks the Reflector received several comments regarding the quality of American manufactured goods a subject mentioned by us in a recent column. Although Reflections is not now and will not be a political forum, the Reflector strongly agrees with men like Lee Iacocca who believes it is high time for Americans to regain the position of leadership in factory production.

Speaking not from a political position but from a historical perspective, America's role of leadership in world trade began back in the 1850's. Way back in 1853 John H. Manny was shipping reapers overseas within a few years American farm equipment companies were exporting nearly as many machines as were sold in domestic trade. Maybe it's time Americans returned to the work ethic so ably demonstrated by these eminently successful men. With this we end further discussion of the subject.

The Reflector happily reports that his newest toy, a 360 HP Fairbanks-Morse Model 32B engine is now moved home. This one carries a 14 x 17 inch bore and stroke and operates at 257 rpm. Included is a 250 kw, 2300 volt, 3-phase alternator. Rather than see this fine specimen junked, the Reflector and several others retrieved it from its probable doom. Since several readers have either called or written us about this engine we thought it appropriate to respond. No time table has been set for setting the engine on its new foundation, but perhaps we can supply some photographs later on.

Due to the holidays our correspondence is somewhat shorter this month than usual, but here goes:

21/3/1 Q. John F. Harris, RR 6, Box 167, Frankford, IN 46041 sends this letter, partially edited to conserve space.

As I read the Reflections column, I get the impression that the Reflector is writing a book on the Allis-Chalmers and Rumely equipment and tractors, mostly the farm equipment branch.