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| June/July 2001

Q. Enclosed are pictures of a gas engine generator which I purchased at an antique store in Valley City, North Dakota, this year. I have found no manufacturer's nameplate or a hint of other identifying marks. I would like any information on this genset, such as: voltage output, manufacture and date, possible parts supply, color and operating instructions. Harlan Terms, 5335 Fairhill Road, Bismarck, ND 58503. 701-220-7665; e-mail:


36/2/15 Clem Te Bow wrote to tell us that the picture shown in 36/2/15 is a piston vise. 'It holds most automotive and industrial pistons up to about 6 inches in diameter. It was used on a bench to assemble rods and pistons, in a mill or drill press to do machine work. The one shown was probably made in the early 1900s and think they are still made in some form today.'

Traxler Tractor

Robert Jessup of P.O. Box 118, Clarcona, FL 32710 wrote in response to the photo and caption on the Traxler 'Bread Winner' that appeared on page 29 of our April Issue: 'The story on the Traxler leads me to believe they were describing an internal combustion engine. However, the photo makes me think it is a steamer. The pipes from the valves maybe carry steam to the top of two cylinders? This must have been a heller to steer! I've researched every book on old tractors and manufacturers that I can find and no luck on any Traxler. Perhaps someone else has turned up more data on this unusual tractor?

35/8/8 In response to Mr. Sundeen's query about the Cushman Cub color, it is so that most were gray, but some were other colors. A while back, I acquired an R-14 2 HP sold by Sears under the Farm Master logo. It is red, like Economy. It is a rather modern type (30s-40s?). It is in very good condition.

I have a ten year collection of GEMs. Nowhere have I seen anything on the Fuller & Johnson AH (radiator cooled single) except the query I made back in '95, I believe. Are there any F&J AH's out there, or are they forgotten and unmentioned? The one I have turns freely and the mag fires hot. With the exception of a missing fuel tank and rust on the dog house, it's in fairly good shape. The radiator has a big plug of JB weld on the core, so it may need a recore job (beyond the range of my piggy at this time).T. J. Shipman, R-2 Box 371-12, Buchannon, WV 26201.


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