A Brief Word

| June/July 2000

35/6/16 What Is It? Q. See the photos of a small two-cycle engine, It was a (standby) engine for a church organ. So far I don't have a positive ID on this engine. Can anyone be of help? Chuck Schepflin, 2215 E. State St., Fremont, OH 43420.

35/6/17 Unidentified Engine Q. See the photos of an unusual two-cycle engine. It has a unitized engine and transmission, headless, and with two spark plug holes on the top and side. The transmission has a foot pedal start and two power take offs, one gear, and one flat belt. Ignition is by magneto at the rear of the transmission housing. Any information on this engine would be greatly appreciated. Thomas. R. McLaughlin, 44 E. Channel St., Newark, OH 43055.

35/6/18 Jacobsen Etc. Q. See the photos of a Jacobsen engine, Model W 154715. It is all cast iron, and two-cycle. It has an iron piston with three rings, two above the wrist pin, and one below. I have never seen one like this before, so any information would be appreciated. Also, in photo 18-C is an unidentified Briggs & Stratton model for which information would be appreciated. James Hoffmeister, 5387 Whit-more Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45238.

35/6/19 Corn Sheller

Ed Coleman, 2213 Flat Creek Dr., Richardson, TX 75080 sends us three photos of an unidentified 2-hole corn sheller. He would like to know more about it, including manufacturer, and the age of the machine. If you can be of help, please drop Ed a line.

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