A Brief Word

| June/July 2000

See an ad elsewhere in this issue for our 2001 Australia Tour. We now have a provisional itinerary ready, and by the time you see this copy we will be able to provide complete details.

We have some interesting sites for you, including some nice collections, as well as some wonderful scenery. We've got quite a few interested folks, so if you would like to go, see our ad, and let us know. Details are still being planned for an extension tour to New Zealand.

At this writing in early April, ye olde Reflector has been busy on the Catalog of American Farm Tractors. We told you earlier that our editor and friend, Jon Brecka, died in a tragic automobile accident. Apparently he had the digital images for all the tractors in letter A and letter B of the book. As a result, we had to spend considerable time finding all these images again. Due to Jon's death, and the inevitable glitches that resulted, the book has been delayed, but we are still hoping for its release in June.

We also have to report that due to the time required for reworking the tractor book, we have been delayed with reprinting our Notebook. Right now we are hoping that the new 2000 edition will be ready in June. We are also pleased to report that Stemgas Publishing Company is now our exclusive distributor for the Notebook.

We have lots to do this month, so here goes:

35/6/1 Independent Harvester