A Brief Word

| June/July 1997

Having now been to Australia, we can tell you with a certainty that it is indeed a wonderful place! At the very outset, we publicly convey our thanks to everyone for their kindness, their generosity, and their assistance.

Regarding engines and tractors, we found lots of American-made items that are rarely seen in the United States. A few requests for information will be found below, with more to follow.

The fourteen hour flight from Los Angeles to Sydney wasn't as bad as we thought it might have been, although a nice rest was in order, once we got to our hotel. It's impossible to report on the entire tour in our limited space, so we'll be commenting about it in several issues. Unfortunately, we'll have to depend on others in our group for pictures of our first 11 days. We had camera problems, and finally got a new battery. Then we discovered there was another problem, finally solving it by buying a secondhand, but nearly new, camera at a pawn shop in Geelong!

At the Scoresby show, near Melbourne, there were a number of very nice engines. See photo MST-1 of a nicely restored Jacobson. There are a few of these in Australia. The Imperial Super-Diesel by McDonald is a product of Australia, and these are fairly common.. They are very heavy, and quite a desirable engine. MST-3 shows a close-up view of the Super-Diesel. Also on display was a Cowley steam roller built at Ballarat, Victoria. It is one of the few steam rollers actually built in Australia. It is   shown at MST-9. At MST-12 is a Buzzacott pumper. This one is an exact copy of the Fuller &. Johnson pumper. We also saw these with 'Massey-Harris' cast into the frame, along with two or three others. We don't have specific data on this huge steam portable in MST-18, but the man standing at the rear wheel gives one an idea of its immense size. This big portable was under steam. In MST-25 ye olde Reflector is seated in a very rare Yorkshire steam lorry, under steam and about to go on a tour around the show grounds. Finally, in MST-20we all got together for a fine dinner and fellowship before leaving for our hotel and a night's sleep, all ready for another day!

32/6/3 Information Needed Q. Can anyone supply further information on the following:

1) Regal engine (see MST-16 and MST-17) made by Regal Gasoline Engine Co., Coldwater, Michigan. It is #4032 and is about 3 or 4 horsepower, but the rating is not stamped on the plate. 2) Hercules gas engine, made at San Francisco, California, and shown in MST-24. 3)  Grob Diesel Engine, made by J. M. Grob Co., Leipzig, Germany. See photos MST-14 and MST-15. Please send any information on the above to Russell Timms, Yan Yean Rd., Doreen 3754, Australia.