| June/July 1993

28/6/39 Buckeye Engine Q. See the two photos of a Buckeye gas engine made by the Buckeye Machine Co., Lima, Ohio. It is 12 HP, runs at 325 r.p.m., and is s/n 12028. This engine has magneto ignition, although I've been told that all Buckeye engines used battery ignition. If this is so, was a conversion kit offered? I would also like to know the year and proper colors for this engine. Stanley Lippi, 309 S. Chestnut St., Van Wert, OH 45891.

A. It's quite possible that the magneto was offered as aftermarket equipment. Perhaps some of our readers have specific information.

28/6/40 Lauson Engine Q. In the photo is what I am told is a 1930 Lauson 5 HP engine. Can you verify this and provide further information? Above the pulley is stamped VC5, below the spark plug is 1VC 194, and below the oil level rod is 3VC051. Any information will be appreciated. Fred Whitcomb, 4400 Peaceful Glen Rd., Vacaville, CA 95688.

A. It's a Lauson engine, but we have no manuals for it.

28/6/41 Witte Headless Q. What is the year built for a 4 HP Witte engine, s/n 49379? Lee Booth, Box 75, Porters Falls, WV 26162.

A. Your engine was made in February 1921.