| June/July 1993

28/6/19 A Big Thank You! I put two pictures in the February GEM of a Novo engine. I needed information on it, and got a great response. Thanks to all that wrote letters and sent data sheets; now I know it's a Novo AG model. Bob Browne, 25 Washington St., Mendon, MA 01756.

28/6/20 Rubber BeltingQ. Does anyone know of a place where belting for a threshing machine can be obtained? I should think rubber conveyor belting would work if cut to the proper width.

Also, I have an old steam engine manual that states, 'Rubber belts will be greatly improved if they are covered with a mixture of black lead and litharge in equal parts, mixed with boiled linseed oil and just enough japan to dry them quickly.' Can anyone translate this recipe into today's terms? Jim O'Connell, 2151- 95th St SE, Delano, MN 55328.

A. Black lead is graphite or plumb ago, and is so-called because of its lead like appearance. Litharge is simply lead monoxide. Japan was formerly used to give a high gloss to varnish, especially in the carriage-building trade. It also is a powerful dryer. Due to its cost, japan is not now used so much as formerly.

Regarding your first question, conveyor belting would not be suitable for power transmission work. Where moisture is no problem, leather belting has no rivals for transmitting power on flat pulleys, especially iron pulleys.

28/6/21 Stover CT-2Q. Do you have the proper color for a Stover CT-2, s/n 247801, also the year built? Kent Heidnis, 2 Volouski  Rd., Avon, CT 06001.