A Brief Word

| June/July 1992

Walsh Garden Tractor


E. M. Konopik

27/6/34 Walsh Garden Tractor Q. See the photo of my Walsh garden tractor, s/n D8513. I would like some information as to when it was built, and the like. I have the plow, cultivator, and disc for it. E. M. Konopik, 637 S. Columbia, Seward NE 68434.

A. Can anyone be of help on this query?

27/6/35 Road Scraper Q. I recently acquired the small road scraper shown in the photo. One tag reads: Good Roads Machinery Co., Kennett Square, Penna. Another tag reads: Mfd. By American Road Machinery Co., American Plant, Kennett Square, Penna. Serial No. W-64- So far I can find no information on this company. Can anyone be of help? Wayne A. Beggs, RFD 2, Box 799, Lincolnton, GA 30817-9550.  

27/6/36 Stover and Bulldozer Pump Q. I have a 1926 Stoker engine with a Myers Bulldozer Pumping Unit. How many of these engine-pump units were built? Cast into the pump is '3x4,' and I assume this means the bore and stroke. Also see the photo of a Stover pump jack that I've made into an oilfield exhibit. Wayne R. Philpot, RR 1, Box 144-A, Santa Anna, TX 76878.

A. Myers was a very large builder of pumps like yours, and we would guess that they built them by thousands upon thousands. Even so, relatively few still remain-most of them have long since been scrapped. Yours would be the 3 x 4 inch model, and this size was one of the most popular it seems.

27/6/37 Witte Diesel Q. See the photo of a Witte Diesel, s/n D 1951. It is a 6 HP model. Any information on this engine, including operating instructions, will be greatly appreciated. Bruce C. Siedentopf, 1659 Somerset Avenue, Dighton, MA 02715.