A Brief Word

| June/July 1992

27/6/17 What Is It? Q. See the photo of my wife's family about 1892. They farmed sugar cane and made sorghum from it. The family still owns this ground. I would like to know what kind of engine this is. Any information will be appreciated. Brett Guinn, RR 1, Box 181, Orion, IL 61273.

A. This is a Westinghouse steam's even equipped with a driving lamp for traveling at night!

27/6/18 Ziegler-Schryer Engine Q. I have some questions about a Ziegler-Schryer engine, 2 HP, s/n B2620. Were these engines furnished with a spark plug or ignitor? My engine has some dark green paint in spots, somewhat like the Forest Green used on McCormick-Deering Type M engines. Is this the correct color? Any information will be appreciated. W. Dale Rice, PO Box 94, Opolis, KS. 66760.

A. On pages 408-09 of American Gas Engines you will find some details of the background on Ziegler-Schryer, Rawleigh-Schryer, etc. The engines were built with an ignitor...the spark plug was a field replacement, and definitely not from the factory. We show the Rawleigh-Schryer 2 HP engine as having used the Webster magneto, bracket number A303K7A. We have no information on the proper color of the Ziegler-Schryer engines.

27/6/19 Information Needed Q. Can anyone provide me with a source for decal sets as used on the Farmall M tractors? I'm assuming from the March issue that the Sherwin-Williams B17562 Red is the proper paint color? T. R. Rockett, 109 Oak Crest Hill Drive, Colleyville, TX 76034.

A. It's our understanding that Farmall Red carries the company designator of IH-2150. With this information, virtually any paint shop ought to be able to supply this color; however, we also have Ditzler 71310 and Martin-Senour 90R-3731 listed too. Several regular GEM advertisers can supply Farmall M decal sets.