| June/July 1988

Mr. Snodgrass if you are able to help.

23/6/32 A .In this same connection, Charles B. Kaulfers, RD 3, Box 574, Saylors-burg, PA, 18353, has recently acquired a one-cylinder Gibson, s/n 300, and he too needs information on same. (Isn't it ironic that even with the relative scarcity of these little tractors that writers several hundred miles apart should write for restoration information in the same issue of GEM!

23/6/33 Q.. What is the year built of the Cushman Model 21, Type X engine, and what is the proper color? James R. Bishop, I7050 200th St. E., Hastings, Minnesota 55O33.

A .The Cushman Model X appeared in the 1920's, and we have always assumed they were finished in the steel blue enamel used in the later Cushman Cub series. We have never had a color match on this color though.

23/6/34 Q.. I have a Johnson Iron Horse engine that is lacking the correct carburetor and governor linkage. Would appreciate hearing from anyone having one of these so that I can restore it to original-also need the correct color. Marty Roland, 3205 Circle Drive, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 52402.

23/6/35 Q.. Can anyone tell me the date and proper color on a United 2HP engine. Will Associated engine parts fit? What do the letters C-M-R mean that are cast into the side of the cylinder on this engine? Wendell Allen, RR 3, Box 383, El Dorado Springs, Missouri, 64744.