| June/July 1987

Over the past month the Reflector has received a number of interesting items, among them a series of very interesting photos showing various Rumely tractors and machines at work. The photos seem to have been taken somewhere in Texas. Somehow this series remained intact, finally ending up at a flea market. Mr. J. O. Rogers III, Box 205, Scurry, TX 75158 kindly forwarded these to the Reflector for possible inclusion in a forthcoming treatise covering Rumely and Allis-Chalmers equipment. Although some of these photos will be used in the above mentioned title, we will also be including some of them in GEM as time and space permit.

Richard H. Babbitt, RR 2, Box 95, Voluntown, CT 06384 forwarded some original and reprint material to us on Associated and Economy engines. This material is especially valuable to us, since we previously had nothing covering these models. It is already on file for future use.

Thanks to the above correspondents for sending this material, and thanks to all of you who have sent in paint numbers, serial number data, and other information over the past weeks and months.

We also have some new information to share with you in the Model-maker's Corner this month. By the way, we ask the question once again: Is there anyone with patterns, drawings, or castings of a Corliss steam engine somewhat larger than the one available from Cole's? Their Corliss is 11/4x21/2 bore and stroke. In our opinion, while this is a fine model, it is too much like making a pocket watch, and we would prefer something a bit larger, say 21/2 x 5 inches. At one time there were some castings and patterns available from a man in Michigan-we made some contacts there several years ago, but the owner subsequently moved away, so that brought our inquiries to a dead-end. Our queries to the people holding the Frick Company drawings indicate that they have insufficient drawings of the original Frick Corliss, so that also leads to a dead end. Any information we receive will be shared in this column.

This month's queries begin with:

22/6/1 Q. I am restoring a Red-E garden tractor, patent no's. 1,578,343 and 1,701,726. Built by Pioneer Mfg. Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The plows are gone, and I would like to know how the plows are attached to the tractor. Would also like to contact someone with a Waterloo Boy 5 HP kerosene engine. Mine has all the firing parts gone and the throttle rod is gone, the fuel pump and carburetor are gone. Earl Henry, Box 55, Hasty, AR 72640.