| June/July 1985

During the past few weeks we visited Rock Island Works of International Harvester Company. Buildings which cover something like 40 acres and once employed thousands of people are now nearly vacant except for a few tractors yet to be finished. The word is that the Farm all Works will become a thing of the past, probably by the end of 1985.

We have just returned from a visit to LaPorte, Indiana and the large Allis-Chalmers plant there. It is now completely vacant except for a skeleton crew of company personnel. Major portions of the LaPorte plant were originally built by the Rumely people. Walking through these soon-to-be-vacated factories gives a special reason for sadness, especially when it is remembered that both facilities were the site of major farm equipment developments during their history.

In visiting the Allis-Chambers plant at West Allis, Wisconsin, we watched the news release of the impending sale to Deutz come off the ticker tape on March 28th. While it seemed to be widely discussed in the farm implement business that some sort of deal was imminent, the final verdict as coming over the wire gave this writer an eerie feeling to say the least.

This past month has brought in a large number of letters, but so far we haven't had any comments regarding a possible listing of proper paint colors. Let us hear from you in this regard. Possibly we can compile a listing that might be of some help in engine and tractor restoration.

20/3/1 Q. In a letter from Massey-Ferguson Ltd., we are told that the engine shown here was built by Briggs & Stratton. These were supplied to Massey-Harris as required, but records indicate the Model 'S' was first sold by M-H in 1946. However, the nameplate on this engine says 'Made in Canada.' Can anyone tell us who actually made this engine? Also please see enclosed photograph of our Type X OilPull tractor. We need to know the original steel blue color. Also would like to know why three different serial numbers appear on the engine, and why this one uses a late style air cleaner? Ray Hudson, Box I, Site 2, RR 3, Coronation, Alberta, ToC ICo Canada.

A. We have heard some discussion of the steel blue color for the late-model OilPull recently. One of Rumely's old employees told us that the company was able to buy a large amount of this color at a bargain price, thus the change from green to gray. Regarding the various serial numbers and discrepancies of various features, we are told that after Allis-Chalmers bought out Rumely in 1931, they did in fact build up as many tractors as possible from the remaining parts originally designated for several different variations of the ordinary production-line models.


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