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| July/August 2003

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  • Bessemer two-stroke throttled engine
    38/7/1 A: Bessemer Gaso-Kero, possibly a 2 HP.
  • Bessemer Gaso-Kero
    38/7/1B: Bessemer Gaso-Kero.
  • Bessemer Gaso-Kero
    38/7/1C: Bessemer Gaso-Kero.
  • Pincor Mower
    38/7/2: Pincor mower.
  • Wisconsin V-4
    38/7/7: Wisconsin V-4.
  • Stover pump
    38/7/6: Stover pump?

  • Picture 1
  • Bessemer two-stroke throttled engine
  • Bessemer Gaso-Kero
  • Bessemer Gaso-Kero
  • Pincor Mower
  • Wisconsin V-4
  • Stover pump

38/7/1: Query of the Month -Bessemer Two-Stroke Q: I have an engine I need some help with. It is a Bessemer two-stroke throttled engine. It will run in both directions, throttled from very slow to getting on with it pretty well.

I recently displayed it at a local hit-and-miss/tractor pull show, and I was told about a gentleman at the show who has seen it all, but when he looked at my engine with a confused look it really made me wonder what I have.

My engine stands 23 inches tall. The base measures 11-1/2 by 11 inches and the dual flywheels are 16 inches across. It runs great and blows beautiful smoke rings if you turn up the oil to it. I would like to know what horsepower it is, what color it was and especially what it was used for. Not being able to find one like it at engine shows makes me wonder if it is rare or not worth having. If it is rare I am wondering what kind of price value would be on this engine. It is mounted on a skid holding the engine, gas tank and a Model A coil. I think the cooling tank piped through the head was added, because I was told that it was suppose to have a larger skid-mounted tank with a screened cooling tower. Thanks for your help. Tony Williams, P.O. Box 662, Angier, NC 27501.

A: Your engine appears to be a fairly early Bessemer Gaso-Kero, most likely a 2 HP. These engines were built from approximately 1913-1925, and were among the smallest engines available from Bessemer Gas Engine Co., Grove City, Pa., best known for their large oil field and industrial power units. We don't have any information on color, but it should have a skid-mounted cooling tank, as you've been told.

38/7/2: Pincor Mower

I bought this Pincor power reel mower at an auction a few years ago. I want to know where I can find points and a condenser for this engine. It is a Model P-20, serial number 6782, Type 306519 built by Pioneer Gen-E-Motor Corporation, Chicago, Ill. The chassis number of the mower is 6974. If anyone can let me know where to get these parts, it would be most appreciated. Also, if anyone needs information about Briggs & Stratton engines, perhaps I could help. I have rebuilt Briggs engines for at least 35 years. Dieter Heckele, 2181 Newark Drive, West Bend, WI 53090,(262) 335-2739.

38/7/3: Sieverkropp Engines

On page 77 of the August 2002 GEM, middle column, fifth ad down, there is a picture of a 1/2 HP Sieverkropp engine. I would like to contact the person who owns this, but the phone number is no longer in service.

I'm looking for any information on Sieverkropp Engine Co., Racine, Wis. There are three different engines shown in Wendel's American Gasoline Engines Since 1872, a 1/2 HP, a 1 HP and a 1-1/2 HP. Any information, including reprints, would be greatly appreciated. Bob Hansen, E2510 Twin Lake Road, Waupaca, WI 54981-9449, (715) 258-8698.

38/7/4:Gray Marine and United

This is in response to 38/5/2C, the picture of an unidentified marine engine.

The engine appears to be a Gray of 1906 to 1910 vintage, and it could be anything from a 12 HP up to a 24 HP. There should be a serial number on the hub of the flywheel. I have a 2-1/2 HP, serial number 21907. I also have a number 36 Gray reverse gear, and I'm looking for a number 40 Schebler Model D carburetor, timer cap and water pump. I traded Model A parts for this engine, the reverse gear and a Stover engine that was rusting away in a sawmill in Bellville, Mich. The 1907 Gray marine has a big round muffler and no water pump. What sizes were they made in? The Stover is a two-cylinder, 6 HP, with the numbers GAP V5228555, and VF 2285. What were they used for? Finally, I have a Falcon 25 four-cylinder United States Motor, serial number 13728, and I'd like any information about it, including color. The engine has a transmission with it, and an aluminum front cover and pan. John Plotz, 11299 Cardwell, Livonia, MI 48150.

38/7/5:Maynard and Sattley

I'm looking for information on a 1-1/2 HP Maynard, serial number 16417, especially any literature and/or pictures of the governor, ignition and the head setup. I'm also looking for the same information for a 1-1/2 HP New Sattley, serial number 61328. Alfred Jackson, 479 E. Madison Road, Madison, ME 04950.

38/7/6: Stover Pump?

I have a deep well water pump. It says 'Stover number 4-1/2' on both of the connecting rods. It also has the following numbers: ball gears show 472-P, upper cross head 476-P, base of the pump 470-P, small gears 472-P, and brass packing nut shows 474-P. My pump has two old-style, zerk-type grease fittings on it. This pump has four holes to very the length of the pump stroke. Was my pump made by Stover Engine Co.? What year was it made? I painted the whole machine dark green. Douglas Poor, 12058 Adams, Yucaipa, CA 92399.

38/7/7: Wisconsin V-4

For some months now, I have been attempting restoration of a circa 1954 Wisconsin V-4 air-cooled engine. It is a Model MVE4D, serial number 2411578, specification number 115315. I have been able to find a gasket set, rings and finally a set of rod bearing inserts. I found a set of NOS pistons, but the problem is that this is a military model, as indicated by the 'M' in the model number. The pistons are different, as are the connecting rods, and the crankshaft journals are larger. Does anyone have a military model manual? I have a standard manual. Can anyone tell me where I might find correct pistons? I need 3-inch diameter, 0.030-inch oversize pistons. I hope to write a Gas Engine Magazine article on the restoration when and if completed. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Jim Davis, 21 Foresters Lane, Springfield, IL 62704-5312, (217) 546-4790.

38/7/8:Monitor Engines

I have a couple of Monitor engines and would like to know their year of manufacture. The first is a 3 HP, Type HJ, serial number 7077, and the second is a 1-1/4 HP, Type VJ, serial number 15329. Also, 1 have a set of flywheels with governor weights, crankshaft, connecting rod and piston. The flywheels have a casting mark of AC2 and measure 18 inches. Casting marks on the governor weights are AB 12 and the crankshaft is stamped C1845C on both ends with an AC just above the keyway, but all the Cs are backwards. Any help would be appreciated. Richard L. Robertson, 72339 250th St., Graceville, MN 56240.

C.H. Wendel is a noted authority on antique engines and tractors. His books constitute a vital reference resource for collectors and hobbyists. If you have a query for C.H. Wendel, send it along to Gas Engine Magazine, 1503 S.W. 42nd St., Topeka, KS 66609-1265.


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