Readers' Engine Questions

| July/August 2003

38/7/1: Query of the Month -Bessemer Two-Stroke Q: I have an engine I need some help with. It is a Bessemer two-stroke throttled engine. It will run in both directions, throttled from very slow to getting on with it pretty well.

I recently displayed it at a local hit-and-miss/tractor pull show, and I was told about a gentleman at the show who has seen it all, but when he looked at my engine with a confused look it really made me wonder what I have.

My engine stands 23 inches tall. The base measures 11-1/2 by 11 inches and the dual flywheels are 16 inches across. It runs great and blows beautiful smoke rings if you turn up the oil to it. I would like to know what horsepower it is, what color it was and especially what it was used for. Not being able to find one like it at engine shows makes me wonder if it is rare or not worth having. If it is rare I am wondering what kind of price value would be on this engine. It is mounted on a skid holding the engine, gas tank and a Model A coil. I think the cooling tank piped through the head was added, because I was told that it was suppose to have a larger skid-mounted tank with a screened cooling tower. Thanks for your help. Tony Williams, P.O. Box 662, Angier, NC 27501.

A: Your engine appears to be a fairly early Bessemer Gaso-Kero, most likely a 2 HP. These engines were built from approximately 1913-1925, and were among the smallest engines available from Bessemer Gas Engine Co., Grove City, Pa., best known for their large oil field and industrial power units. We don't have any information on color, but it should have a skid-mounted cooling tank, as you've been told.

38/7/2: Pincor Mower

I bought this Pincor power reel mower at an auction a few years ago. I want to know where I can find points and a condenser for this engine. It is a Model P-20, serial number 6782, Type 306519 built by Pioneer Gen-E-Motor Corporation, Chicago, Ill. The chassis number of the mower is 6974. If anyone can let me know where to get these parts, it would be most appreciated. Also, if anyone needs information about Briggs & Stratton engines, perhaps I could help. I have rebuilt Briggs engines for at least 35 years. Dieter Heckele, 2181 Newark Drive, West Bend, WI 53090,(262) 335-2739.