Readers' Engine Questions

| July/August 2002

A Brief Word

It's my unfortunate duty to let everyone in the old iron community know that on May 3 C.H. Wendel suffered a stroke.

Many of you know that Charles works in the construction trade in his hometown of Amana, Iowa. His stroke evidently occurred while he was heading to work that morning. Charles didn't realize he was having a stroke, but he knew something wasn't quite right. He got himself to the hospital in short order, and it's a good thing he did.

His condition was diagnosed quickly, and he was taken into a doctor's care. At this writing Charles is still in the hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but indications are he'll be back home by the time this issue gets to readers.

The good news is Charles is an ornery cuss, and more than anything he's angry at having to suffer the indignity of such an affliction. The bad news is he has suffered some loss of feeling on his left side, and it will be a while before we know his prospects for a full recovery.

Now, I don't have Charles' breadth or depth of knowledge about gas engines and tractors, but I feel strongly his column should continue in his absence. As such, I'm going to continue to run your letters and questions to Charles, and I'll answer them to the best of my ability. But in large measure I'm counting on all of you who can answer readers' questions to contact people who write in and help them fill in the missing pieces. In the meantime, let's all wish him a speedy and complete recovery. Richard Backus Editor/Gas Engine Magazine

37/7/1: 2 HP Witte Q: Kevin McWhorter, 32391 Olympia Rd., Minier, IL 61759, writes in: I recently acquired a 2 HP Witte built in Kansas City, Mo. This engine has a serial number of B25402. Would you please inform me of the year built?