A Brief Word

| July/August 2001

36/7/2 IHC LA Engine Colors Q. I am restoring a Model LA engine, s/n LAA34226. It is a 1938. What color should it be? I have found that in August 1934 the engine was painted with a red pulley and flywheel. All other parts were a special gray, with a 1/16 inch red stripe around the hopper lid. In May 1939 the color was changed to being all red. What is the paint number of the special gray? Robert Morris, 36231 S 16 Rd, Barnesville, OH 43713. email: Nancy Morris []

A. You are correct about the color scheme, but we do not have a specific match for the gray. However, we would assume it to be somewhere near the DuPont 27625 of the McCormick-Deering tractors, or perhaps the DuPont 98620 Charcoal Gray; it corresponds to IH8015 Gray).

36/7/3 Gould, Shapley & Muir Q. I have a Gould Shapley & Muir 1 HP gas engine with soft oil cups instead of normal great cups. What material should I use for the wicks? Also would like to hear from anyone with an instruction manual or copy thereof. Doug Miller, 318E 650N, West Lafayette, IN 47906-9795.

A. Sometimes in a craft store you can find those little candle wicks that have a glass tube on one end. Craft people use them with lamp oil to make lamps out of fruit jars etc. This stuff will work. Alternatively, find some soft cotton string, and cut enough pieces for a bundle say, inch in diameter or a little less. Twist or roll this together, with a bit of it loosely in the bearing cap hole. If it is too tight, the oil will not wick through it! Then coil it up in the oil cup. Once there is a little oil on it, the wick will stay in place.

36/7/4 Spinaway Mower Myron Wininger, 204 Church St., Monroe, CT 06468 would like to hear from any owners of a Spinaway Rotary Mower as shown in the photos, and described as follows: Model 42E, s/n 1190, made by HAL-GAN Products Inc., Elm Grove, Wisconsin. Equipped with a Wisconsin AENLD engine with automotive bell housing and clutch. Uses a small transmission like a Crosley. Has a transfer case with a drive shaft going back to an auto or golf cart rear end. A pto at the transfer case uses a belt to each blade. A tag on mower says it was sold by Power House Co., Stamford, Conn., Wilton, Conn., and Brewster, NY. Any information would be appreciated.

36/7/5 Tractor Shows on TV Paul M. Christensen, 49938M26, Hancock, MI 49930 tells us that RFD-TV (Channel 9409 on Dishnet) carries lots of video of tractor and engine shows.