A Brief Word

| July/August 2000

In last month's issue we ran an ad for our upcoming Australian Tour in February/March 2001. Due to the very favorable exchange rate of the US$ compared to the AU$ right now, we have come up with a very attractive price. We also have a very nice itinerary, and the chance to see lots of nice old iron as well as lots of beautiful and interesting sites.

There probably will never be as good an opportunity to see lots of Australia, Tasmania, and even the optional extension to New Zealand as in the next year or so. Given international monetary things (which we know little about) the tables can turn, and all of a sudden, costs go up tremendously.

It is interesting to note also, that Australia has some fairly stringent export rules pertaining to old engines and tractors, among other things. Lots of their historic treasures cannot be exported, but must remain as national treasures. All in all, we think they are a lot more historically minded than here in the U.S., where almost anything can be exported.

As you receive this copy in mid-June, we are again reminded that the show season will be in full bloom, and as usual, we do our bit of preaching about working and playing safely. There are always a few accidents every year (at least that we hear about) and we wish those numbers would drop all the way to zero! You folks have been hearing this same sermon preached from this column for over 15 years now, and we suppose you are tired of it. But like the venerable pulpiteers of old, we'll keep pounding home the message about safety, all the while hoping you receive the message in the spirit it is intended

Keep in mind folks, that safety seems to be a far more important issue in foreign countries than here. Our Australian Rally of 1997 was within fenced cubicles, and in some of the European countries there are two strings of rope around each exhibitor. If we try to police ourselves, maybe we can avoid some of these extra things. We also hear rumors that some of the environmental folks would like to promote pollution control equipment on our vintage equipment. Now wouldn't that just be the berries!

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