| July/August 1992

27/7/46 What is It? Q. See the two photos. This unit was made by Foster & Husler, Chicago, Illinois. 6 x 6 Twin Granite 2906. The water hopper is bolted over the cylinders and to the base of the cylinders. Cylinders are cast separately. Unit weighs about 1,000 pounds and has a 6 x 24 inch flywheel. Any information on this unit would be appreciated. Virgil Lilly, 58 Pulaski Ave., Radford, VA 24141.

A. Foster & Hosier was located at 431 S. Dearborn in Chicago. This firm appears as a producer of polished granite columns and other granite products. We suppose this compressor was used in that endeavor, and probably was sold as part of the firm's total package. It could have been used for any air compressor purpose, but since the company was rather specialized, it may have been used for cutting gravestones and the like

27/7/47 Information Needed Q. I have an Ottawa 5 HP log saw, and would like to have more information on it. The Webster bracket is 303K62.

The second engine is a Lansing 2 HP, No. W79702. After cleaning I found the number W13 cast into each flywheel. It also has a Wico EK magneto. Can anyone provide any information on this engine, even a clue as to the proper color, etc. Your help will be appreciated. Bob Benoit, 209 Craven St., Fayetteville, NC 28306.

27/7/48 Shaw Du-All Q. Can anyone provide further information on the Shaw Du-All shown in the accompanying photo? I especially would like to know when it was built, and the proper paint scheme. C. Skip Kezar, RR 1, Box 2, No. Berwick, ME 03906.

27/7/49 Sieverkropp Engine Q. I recently acquired a 1? HP Sieverkropp engine, built in Racine, Wisconsin. Is this engine run on a two-cycle fuel mixture! What are the original colors? I would be interested in talking to or corresponding with other collectors who are familiar with this brand of engine. John K. Kreider, 327-A East Main, New Holland, PA 17557.