| July/August 1992

27/7/27 Information Needed Q. See the photo of a Komatsu-Bucyrus Excavator that I have. It is Model No. 15-HT-2, s/n 4389. It was built by Komatsu Std. Japan for Komatsu-Bucyrus KK under license from Bucyrus-Erie Co. of Milwaukee. I tried everywhere in New Zealand to find any manuals or information on this machine, but with no success. With some patience this machine could be brought back to service, so any assistance will be greatly appreciated. P. H. Williams, 112 Buller Road, Reefton, Westland, South Island, New Zealand.

A. Can anyone help Mr. Williams?

27/7/28 Reid Engine Q. I recently bought a 15 HP Reid engine, with the number 5612. I would like to find out when it was built, the original color scheme, and operating information. It is currently run on propane. Any help will be greatly appreciated. W.H. Brans ton, RR 3, Harriston, Ontario, N0G 1ZO Canada.

A. Does anyone have specific information on Reid?

27/7/29 Unidentified Engine Q. Can anyone identify the engine in the two photos? I cannot find out what year it is. The only thing on the engine is 6DV2 on the cylinder head, and 75DV2 on the block. Any help will be appreciated. Roy Royal, 8525 N. Gratiot, Richmond, MI 48062.

A. This is a Stover DV-2 engine of the late 1930s.