| July/August 1992

27/7/13 Stickney Engine Q. See the photo of a 10 HP Stickney engine on original factory trucks. We bought the engine in 1990 at Sigourney, Iowa and completed the restoration about half a year ago.

I'm also writing concerning the injector cup system that was used for example on the Thermoil, Evinrude, St. Mary's and other engines, all working under the Hvid patents. I am very interested in learning more about this, as we own a Timmer 9 HP vertical engine of Dutch origins. This engine has hit-and-miss governing. There are some other Dutch engines, for instance, the Brons, but they are not hit-and-miss. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Dries Juffer, Bovenstraatweg 11, 8096 PC, Oldebroek, The Netherlands.

A. See our dissertation on the Brons-Hvid connection at the beginning of this column.

27/7/14 Vaughan Engine Q. See the photo of a Vaughan motor. I would like any information I can obtain on this engine. It was built by Vaughan Motor Works, Portland, Oregon and is a 4 HP model. D. Taylor, Lot 190, Dexton St., Mt. Helena, 6555 Western Australia.

A. If anyone has any Vaughan information please send it to Mr. Taylor.

27/7/15 Gardner Compressor Q. See the photo of a Gardner 3 x 3 compressor, s/n 13189. The valves were frozen in place and after getting them loose I discovered that the stems are badly corroded. I am concerned they might break off and mess up the top of the piston and whatever else. Are valves available, or if they are fabricated, do they have to be heat treated or require any special conditioning? Any information or literature will be appreciated. Bob Itnyre, 73818 White Sands, Twenrynine Palms, CA 92277.