| July/August 1991

Aermotor model


Bert Kuebler

26/7/44 More Nice Models Bert Kuebler, 532 E. Parkland Ave., Evansville, IN 47711 sends along some photos of his model creations:

Photo 44-A shows an Aermotor model. It was complete except for the gears. It uses an 0.850 x 1.050 inch bore and stroke and a 5? inch flywheel. Took ten weeks to complete.

In 44-B we see a Shaefer's Little York engine made from the Richard Shelly castings. It has a ? x 1? inch bore and stroke. The flywheels are 4? inches in diameter.

In 1989, I built an ultra-small Maytag Twin with a ? inch bore and stroke. In 1990, I made a 1/4 size with a ? inch bore and stroke, and a flywheel diameter of 2.368. It has glow plug ignition using one C-size Nicad battery for each glow plug.

Photo 44-D shows an all-brass flame licker engine. It is five inches long, uses a ? inch bore, and the flywheel is 21/8 inches in diameter.

26/7/45 A Wood Engine I am submitting two photos (45-A and 45-B) of an engine built by Floyd Westling of Clive, Alberta which I feel deserves recognition. It is built of wood scraps. The only metal is in the valves and the ignition system. It has a 2? x 2 inch bore and stroke, and the flywheels are 7 inches in diameter. The fuel is supplied by a butane lighter, actuated by the push rod. This injects fuel in the intake port. The engine actually does run. Lloyd Stevens, Box 118, Leslieville, Alta TOM 1H0 Canada.