| July/August 1991

26/7/40 Iowa Marine Models Photo 26/7/40 illustrates a couple of recent projects from Don Achen, RR 2, Bellevue, IA 52031. The engine on the left is a one third scale of the 'Iowa' 3 HP marine engine built at Bellevue, Iowa during the early 1900s. The engine was scaled in 1989, and patterns were made. They were then cast in bronze and machined.

All the 'Iowa' engines were 2-cycle, and made in various numbers of cylinders. Some of them held world records for speed boats of the day. The engine on the right is made from an extra set of castings, and is of four-cycle design.

26/7/41 An Active Modelmaker I have been collecting and restoring gas engines since 1975. In 1983 I purchased a set of 1/3 scale Young castings and completed the model the same year. Since that time, I have completed five other models. Photo 41-A shows me discussing the Olds model engine castings with Paul Breisch (on the right). This model was built in 1985. Photo 41-B is my Olds model when it was completed. The Perkins model in 41-C was completed in 1990. It uses the DeBolt castings. Photo 41-D shows me with my model engines at the Model Expo in Ann Arbor, Michigan in April 1990. Photo 41-E is a Wine model, completed in 1986, using the Bill DeBolt castings.

The above was sent in by James K. Gehringer, 15659 N. Lorang Rd., Box 199, Elburn, IL60119.

26/7/42 A Christmas Display Ed Kitch, 1574 W. 1050 No., Provo, UT 84604 writes:

We thought you folks might be interested in seeing how we displayed our 1/3 scale Case steam engine at Christmas time. We would lie in bed and watch the flash bulbs flashing at night, so we know some local people were interested.