| July/August 1991

26/7/32 Kohler Light Plant. Q. I'm attempting to restore a Kohler power plant with a Waukesha-Hesselman XAKH four-cylinder engine. It is 10 kw, 110 volts DC. I have called Waukesha and Kohler for information. There were 226 built, but there is little other information. What is the original color of the engine and generator? The original spark plugs were DM 205148 Bosch. What spark plugs can be substituted? The rod to the carburetor is missing. What is the correct length? It has a Bendix magneto and Scintilla impulse. Is the Scintilla original parts or replacement? Any correspondence will be greatly appreciated. Doug McPherson, 186-43rd Ave., Vero Beach, FL 32968.

A. We can tell you that Bendix-Scintilla is one and the same when it comes to magnetos. Bendix built a lot of aircraft magnetos, and may still do so, for all we know. We have no spark plug conversion chart that shows Bosch plugs. Can anyone help?

26/7/33 Hot Tube Ignition Q. We recently acquired an 1890s vintage antique automobile engine. It was originally built to use hot tube ignition and a surface carburetor. If anyone knows anything about this, please correspond. We might also be interested in purchasing a surface carburetor or hot tube. Any help will really be appreciated. Brent D. Jones ,1219 Circle Tower Bldg., 5 East Market St., Indianapolis, IN 46204.

A. If you're able to send us a picture of the engine, this would be of more help. However, if anyone can be of assistance to this gentleman, please do so.

26/7/34 Emerson-Brantingham Colors Q. Can anyone tell me the correct color for Emerson-Brantingham gang plows? I thought it was a light red color. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Albert J. Ruhland, 8290 W. 280th St., New Prague, MN 56071.

A. We agree that it is a light red, but we have no color match so far.