| July/August 1991

Associated  HP engine


George Renshaw

26/7/13 FBM Z 3 HP Q. I have a FBM 'Z', 3 HP with s/n 516556. has a gear driven FBM magneto. How does one tell the various stales used? Steve Dale, 615 Maple, Edmonds, WA 98020.

A. Your engine was made in 1922. It was likely equipped with the Bosch AB-33 oscillating high tension magneto, and was probably retrofitted with the rotary style at a later time. FBM offered retrofit kits at a reasonable cost, and we think this is a tribute to the company for providing the changeover kits as a definite improvement for their engines. We're not convinced that the changeover is a negative factor, especially since we've never been convinced that the American Bosch AB-33 was a tremendous design.

26/7/14 Sattley Engine Q. Can you tell me the year built and the proper color scheme for the Sattley 3 HP hit-and-miss engine, s/n 43356? There is some red paint on the engine that looks like primer, but I'm not sure. Kerry McDale, 171 Highland Dr., Winnemucca, NV 89445.

A. We can't tell you much about the age of the Sattley engines other than what is given on pages 316-17 of American Gas Engines. About 1918, however, Montgomery Ward adopted the color scheme of brown paint for the kerosene engines and black paint for the hit-and-miss gasoline engines.

26/7/15 Continental Motor Q. Can anyone tell me about an old military engine? It has the following pertinent information on the nameplate:

1 -cylinder air-cooled4-cycle, overhead valves8 cubic inch displacement s/n E-001088